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  NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) Etats-Unis Site du National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), organisation de recherche qui regroupe les travaux de plus 600 professeurs d'université dans le domaine de l'économie
Liens avec d'autres sites qui couvrent le même domaine (voir 'Links to other Web Sites': links to other sites that may be of interest to economists) + Liens vers Bases de données (Links to Data sources : General Resources, International Data)
"National Bureau of Economic Research" website (NBER)
Editeur (Editor) : NBER (1050 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : Working papers & Publications, Activities, Meetings, NBER videos, Themes in NBER Research, Data, People, About.
  NBS (National Bureau of Statistics of China) ChineRoyaume Uni Site du Bureau national des statistiques de la Chine (NBS)
"National Bureau of Statistics of China" website (NBS)

Rubriques (Topics) : Agency Information, Laws & Regulation, Survey Programs, Statistical Standards, Statistical Indicators, New Release + What's New, News and Coming Events, Statistical Data, Special Topics, Related links (Chinese version, Others).
  NCAFP (National Committee on American Foreign Policy) Etats-Unis Site du National Committee on American Foreign Policy (NCAFP : Etats-Unis)
"National Committee on American Foreign Policy" website (NCAFP) : "The National Committee on American Foreign Policy (NCAFP) was founded in 1974 by Professor Hans J. Morgenthau and others. It is a nonprofit policy organization dedicated to the resolution of conflicts that threaten U.S. interests. Toward that end, the NCAFP identifies, articulates, and helps advance American foreign policy interests from a nonpartisan perspective within the framework of political realism."
Editeur (Editor) : Copyright ©2016 National Committee on American Foreign Policy (New York, NY 10022, USA)

Rubriques : About us, What we do, Events, Projects, Publications (American Foreign Policy Interests + Reports : Asia (PAPS), Cybersecurity, Middle East, Central Asia, Caspian Sea Basin, Edited volumes) + 40th Anniversary Retrospective), Our impact, Get involved, Contact + Subscribe & Follow, Popular,Latest,Comments.

Exemples de publications (American Foreign Policy Interests + Reports + 40th Anniversary Retrospective) :
. "New Frontier in Defense : Cyberspace and U.S. Foreign Policy - Report" (Date de publication : mai 2017 . Auteur : Simran R. Maker)
. "Middle East: Focus Iran" (Date de publication : juin 2015 . Roundtable report)
. "Cybersecurity, Sovereignty, and U.S. Foreign Policy" (Date de publication : novembre 2014 . Roundtable report)
  NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Etats-Unis Site du National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
"National Institute of Standards and Technology" website (NIST) : "NIST is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce"
Editeur (Editor) : NIST (Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1070, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : Subject Areas (Bioscience & Health, Building and Fire Research, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Electronics & Telecommunications, Energy, Environment/Climate, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Public Safety & Security, Quality, Transportation), Visitor Information, Frequently Asked Questions, A-Z Index, Follow NIST + News, NIST Most popular, Products and Services.

+ Link : (NIST’s beta website) : "The site is still under development, so some content may be incomplete."
  NTIS (National Technical Information Service) Etats-Unis Site du National Technical Information Service ( : NTIS : Etats-Unis))
"National Technical Information Service" website ( : NTIS) : US Department of Commerce service
Editeur (Editor) : U.S. Department of Commerce
Technology Administration .National Technical Information Service (Alexandra, Virginia 22312, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : About NTIS, Technical reports access, Federal data access, Federal data solutions + Recent news, NTIS data service elements.

Nota : "Search to Public NTRL is free but in order to display a full text document you would need to register. Registration is free but Terms and Conditions of use need to be signed."
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