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  Stratcom (NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence) Royaume Uni Site du NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (StratCom)
"NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence" website (StratCom) : "NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence is multi-nationally constituted and NATO-accredited international military organization, which is not part of the NATO Command Structure, nor subordinate to any other NATO entity. We are not part of NATO command structure or funded from the NATO budget and will not speak on behalf of NATO.
The NATO StratCom COE, based in Riga, Latvia, contributes to improved strategic communications capabilities within the Alliance and Allied nations. Strategic communication is an integral part of the efforts to achieve the Alliance’s political and military objectives, thus it is increasingly important that the Alliance communicates in an appropriate, timely, accurate and responsive manner on its evolving roles, objectives and missions."
Editeur (Editor) : NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (Riga, LV1048, Latvia)

Rubriques (Topics) : About us, News, Publications (Book, Executive summary, Journal, Policy paper, Manual, Research, Article), Events, Resources (Online Library, Useful links, Other Centres of Excellence), Tenders, Projects + Newsletter.

Exemples de publications (sélection) :
. "The black market for social media manipulation" (9th January 2019)
. "Government responses to malicious use of social media" (9th December 2018)
. "Social media in operations – a counter-terrorism perspective" (9th March 2018)
. "Executive summary. Fake News: A Roadmap" (24th April 2018)
. "Violent Extremism and Communications" (18th April 2018)
. "Social Media in Operations – a Counter-Terrorism Perspective" (9th March 2018)
. "Fake News. A Roadmap" (25th February 2018)
. "Russia's Footprint in the Nordic-Baltic Information Environment" (25th January 2018)
. "Strategic Communications: Insights from the commercial sector" (26th April 2017)
. "New Trends in Social Media" (6th December 2016)
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