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  EPI (Economic Policy Institute) Etats-Unis Site de l'Economic Policy Institute (EPI)
"Economic Policy Institute" website (EPI) : "The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank created in 1986 to include the needs of low- and middle-income workers in economic policy discussions. EPI believes every working person deserves a good job with fair pay, affordable health care, and retirement security. To achieve this goal, EPI conducts research and analysis on the economic status of working America. EPI proposes public policies that protect and improve the economic conditions of low- and middle-income workers and assesses policies with respect to how they affect those workers."
Editeur (Editor) : EPI (Washington, DC 20005, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : About, Areas of Research (Raising America’s Pay, Budget, Taxes and Public Investment, Economic Growth, Education, Green Economics, Health, Immigration, Inequality and Poverty, Jobs and Unemployment, Race and Ethnicity, Regulation, Retirement, Trade and Globalization, Unions and Labor Standards, Wages, Incomes and Wealth), Publications, Experts, Resources (Data Library, Policy Watch, Economic Indicators, Family Budget Calculator, Testimony, Multimedia, State of Working America, Economic Analysis and Research, Network : EARN, Bookstore), Blog, Donate + Latest Research, EPI in the news + Projects.

Nota : exemples de publications ("Areas of research", "Publications" ou "Resources") :
. "Testimony before the Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific of the House Subcommittee on Foreign Affairs (China’s Technological Rise—Challenges to U.S. Innovation and Security)" (Testimony • By Robert E. Scott • April 26, 2017)
. "Manufacturing job loss: the consequences of malign neglect of the dollar and Chinese overcapacity" (Trade and Globalization • September 2, 2016 | By Robert E. Scott | Blog)
. "People of color will be a majority of the American working class in 2032: What this means for the effort to grow wages and reduce inequality" (Jobs and Unemployment • By Valerie Wilson | Report • June 9, 2016)
. "A real agenda for working people: What Trump would do if he were serious about creating jobs, raising wages, and fixing our rigged economy" (Jobs and Unemployment • Featured work)
  ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) AAEuropeRoyaume UniSite de l'L'Autorité européenne des marchés financiers (European Securities and Markets Authority : ESMA)
"European Securities and Markets Authority" website (ESMA) : "ESMA’s mission is to enhance the protection of investors and reinforce stable and well functioning financial markets in the European Union. ESMA, as an independent EU Authority, achieves this mission by building a single rule book for EU financial markets and ensuring its consistent application and supervision across the EU.
ESMA contributes to the supervision of financial services firms with a pan-European reach, either through direct supervision or through the active co-ordination of national supervisory activity."
Editeur (Editor) : ESMA (CS 60747 . 103 rue de Grenelle 75345 Paris Cedex 07, France)

Rubriques (Topics) : About, Your input, Documents, Registries and Databases + Markets, Investment and Reporting, Credit Rating Agencies, Financial Market analysis, Cooperation and Convergence, Operations, Investor Corner + News, Your input (Consultations & Open Hearings), Key ongoing work + Links.
  EurActiv (Euro & Finances) AllemagneEspagneFranceItalieRoyaume Uni Section "Euro & Finances" du site (Réseau EurActiv) : informations et analyses ("European Union Société de l'information") : "EurActiv, le réseau de médias européens présent dans 12 capitales de l'UE, publie des articles sur l'actualité européenne et facilite les débats politiques sur les questions européennes parmi les professionnels, et ce, dans 12 langues."
"" website ( : "Euro & Finance" : "EurActiv, the European Media Network present in 12 EU capitals, publishes free EU news and facilitates EU policy debates for policy professionals in 12 languages."
Editeur (Editor) : © PLC (London, EC4M 7BP, United Kingdom)

Rubriques (Topics) : Actualités, LinksDossiers, Interviews, Opinions, Infographies, Vidéos + BlogActiv, Special reports, Multimedia, Agenda, Communiqués, Offres d'emploi.
  Euribor AllemagneEspagneFranceItalieRoyaume UniSite "Euribor" : "Euribor signifie Euro Interbank Offered Rate. Les taux Euribor sont les taux d’intérêt moyens auxquels environ 25/40 banques européennes se consentent des prêts en euros. Plusieurs échéances sont d’application, allant de 1 semaine à 12 mois.
Les taux Euribor servent de taux de base (norme) pour toutes sortes de produits de taux, comme les swaps de taux d’intérêt, les opérations à terme sur taux d’intérêt, les comptes d’épargne et les hypothèques. C’est pour cette raison que les taux Euribor sont suivis de près, tant par les professionnels que par de nombreux particuliers."
"Euribor" website : "Euribor is short for Euro Interbank Offered Rate. The Euribor rates are based on the average interest rates at which a large panel of European banks borrow funds from one another. There are different maturities, ranging from one week to one year.
The Euribor rates are considered to be the most important reference rates in the European money market. The interest rates do provide the basis for the price and interest rates of all kinds of financial products like interest rate swaps, interest rate futures, saving accounts and mortgages. That’s the exact reason why many professionals as well as individuals do monitor the development of the Euribor rates intensively."
Editeur (Editor) : Triami Media de Bellamystraat 11 (Utrecht, Pays-Bas)

Rubriques (Topics) : Qu’est-ce que Euribor (What is Euribor), Les taux Euribor actuels (Current Euribor rates), Taux Euribor par année (Euribor by year), Graphiques Euribor (Euribor charts / graphs), Euribor et votre hypothèque (Euribor and a mortgage), L’épargne et Euribor (Euribor and savings), Taux BCE (ECB refinancing rate), Eonia (Eonia) + Links (Euribor, Statistiques économiques, Taux d’intérêts).
  Euroland AllemagneEspagneFinlandeFranceItalieJaponPays-BasRoyaume UniRussieSuède Site (European Investor) : informations (Finance et business) et cotations "pour gérer votre portefeuille d'actions étrangères"
"" (European Investor)" website : Financial market news & Quotes "to assist you with your share investments in Europe and North America (NASDAQ, NYSE), especially outside your home market"
Editeur (Editor) : Eurolandcom AB (Göteborg 41113, Sweden)

Rubriques (Topics) : Bourses (Stock markets), Portefeiille (Portfolio), Liste de surveillance (Watchlist), Alertes (Alerts), Indices (Indices), Monnaie (Converter) + Chercher des entreprises (Find Companies), Société du jour (Company in Focus), Communiqué de presse - Sites d'entreprises (Press releases - Corporate sites), Indices (Indices), Mes actions (My shares).
  Euromoney Royaume Uni Site (Euromoney) : magazine mensuel "business and finance" (Royaume-Uni)
"Euromoney" website : "Euromoney magazine was created in 1969 to cover the re-emergence of the international cross-border capital markets. The euromarket, after which the magazine is named, is the predecessor to today's mainstream global capital markets. Euromoney reported on, and championed, this market and its growth, in the process becoming the prime magazine of the wholesale financial world, its institutions and its users."
Editeur (Editor) : Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC. (London EC4Y 8AX, United Kingdom)

Rubriques (Topics) : Markets, News and Opinion, The Big Stories, Research and Awards, Magazine + Features, More stories + Survey/Award results Published, Most read + Latest issue (Full contents, Back issues, Forward features).
  EuroNews (Business) AllemagneEspagneFranceItaliePortugalRoyaume UniRussie Section "Business" du site : "infos européennes"
"" website : "Business" (European news)
Editeur (Editor) : EuroNews (69131 Lyon Ecully Cedex, France)

Rubriques (Topics) : Actualités, Le choix de la rédaction + euronews programmes, Business (behind markets, business planet, business weekly, marchés, target), Les plus consultés, Entreprises, Guide Business (Toutes les informations nécessaires pour la réalisation de vos projets à l'étranger).
  Euronext FrancePays-BasPortugalRoyaume Uni Site (Euronext) : union depuis avril 2007 de NYSE Group et Euronext, née de la fusion des bourses d'Amsterdam, Bruxelles et Paris.
"" website (Euronext) : "As the leading Pan-European marketplace, Euronext’s ambition is to serve the real economy by bringing together buyers and sellers in venues that are transparent, efficient and reliable. Our roots are deep: for four centuries, the exchanges that now comprise Euronext have been at the heart of European capital markets."
Editeur (Editor) : Euronext N.V. (1012 JW Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Rubriques (Topics) : Levée de capitaux, Trading & Produits, Données de marché, Technologie, Ressources + In the news, Vidéos, Articles + Information pour (Companies & Advisors, Issuers, Members & Traders, Media, Investors).
  EUROPA (Activités de l'Union européenne : Affaires économiques et monétaires) AAEuropeAllemagneDanemarkEspagneFinlandeFranceGrêceItaliePays-BasPortugalRoyaume UniSuède Section "Affaires économiques et monétaires" du portail de l'Union européenne (Activités de l'Union européenne)
"Portal site of the European Union" (Activities of the European Union) : "Economic and Monetary Affairs"
Editeur (Editor) : © Union européenne (© European Union), 1995-2017

Rubriques (Topics) : En bref (In brief), Derniers développements : Sites clés, Documentation (Latest developments : Key sites, Documentation), Tout sur la législation européenne : Synthèses, Textes juridiques (A comprehensive guide to European law : Summaries, Legal texts) + Lecture utile : ABC du droit communautaire (Useful reading: The ABC of Community law).
  EUROPA (Banques et finance) AAEuropeAllemagneFranceRoyaume Uni Section "Banques et finance" du portail de la Commission Européenne
"European Commission" portal : "Banking and finance"
Editeur (Editor) : © Union européenne (© European Union), 1995-2016

Rubriques (Topics) : Politiques : Union des marchés des capitaux, Union bancaire, Progrès de la réforme financière, Exigences prudentielles pour les banques, Services financiers de détail, MiFID, Publication d'informations par les entreprises, Tous les sujets (Policies : Capital markets union, Banking union, Progress of financial reforms, Prudential requirements for banks, Retail financial services, MiFID, Company Reporting, All topics), Prenez la parole ! : Consultations, Votre avis, Discussions en ligne (Have your say : Consultations, Feedback, Live chats), Qui nous sommes : Commissaire Hill, DG FISMA (Who we are : Commissioner Hill, DG FISMA) + Autres Nouvelles (More news), Notre newsletter n(our newsletter), Agenda (Agenda) + Tweets (Tweets), Sites liés : Banque centrale européenne, Conseil de résolution unique, Comité européen du risque systémique, Autorité bancaire européenne, Autorité européenne des marchés financiers, Autorité européenne des assurances et des pensions professionnelles (Related sites : European Central Bank, Single Resolution Board, European Systemic Risk Board, European Banking Authority, European Securities and Markets Authority, European Insurance and Occupational Pension Authority).
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