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  U.S. Department of State (ShareAmerica) ChineEspagneEtats-UnisFranceJaponPortugalRussie Site ((ShareAmerica : site du Département d'Etat des Etats-Unis) : "ShareAmerica est la plateforme du département d’État des États-Unis qui propose des articles et des images destinés à être vus, discutés et partagés. Leurs thèmes ? La démocratie, la liberté d’expression, l’innovation, l’esprit d’entreprise, l’éducation et le rôle de la société civile, par exemple.
L’équipe de ShareAmerica fait partie du Bureau des programmes d’information internationale, lequel collabore avec les ambassades et consulats des États-Unis dans plus de 140 pays pour nouer un dialogue avec les gens du monde entier sur la politique étrangère des États-Unis et la société américaine."
Nota "ce site est géré par le Bureau des programmes d’information internationale du département d’État des États-Unis."
"" website (ShareAmerica, U.S. Department of State) : "ShareAmerica is the U.S. Department of State’s platform for sharing compelling stories and images that spark discussion and debate on important topics like democracy, freedom of expression, innovation, entrepreneurship, education, and the role of civil society.
The ShareAmerica team is part of the Bureau of International Information Programs, which works with U.S. embassies and consulates in more than 140 countries to engage with people around the globe on U.S. foreign policy and American society."
Editeur (Editor) : U.S. Department of State (Washington DC 20520, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : Amérique (About America), Opportinités économiques (Economic opportunity), Éducation (Education), Environnement (Environment), Questions mondiales (Global issues), Gouvernement et société civile (Government and civil society).
  U.S. Department of the Treasury EspagneEtats-UnisVietnam Site de l'U.S. Department of the Treasury (site officiel du Trésor aux Etats-Unis)
"U.S. Department of the Treasury" website ( : Bureau of the Public Debt)
Editeur (Editor) : Department of the Treasury (1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW . Washington, D.C. 20220, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : Treasury for... (The public, Businesses, Financial Institutions, Government), About, Resource Center (Economic policy, Consumer policy, Financial Markets, Financial Institutions, and Fiscal Service, Financial sanctions, International, Small Business programs, Tax Policy, Data and Chart Center, Terrorism and Illicit Finance, Frequently Asked Questions : FAQs), Services, Initiatives, Careers, Connect with us + Data Center, Other Government sites (,,,,,,,,, my Social Security).
  U.S. Government Export Portal ( Etats-Unis Site officiel de l'U.S. Government Export Portal : portail export du gouvernement américain (Etats-Unis)
"U.S. Government Export" website ( : USA) : portal to all export-related assistance and market information offered by the federal government
Editeur (Editor) : Department of Commerce (Washington, DC 20230, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : About, Partner agencies, Contact us, Non-U.S. Companies + Find opportunities (By Industry, Market Research, Trade Events, Trade Leads), Find Solutions (International Sales-Marketing, International Finance, International Logistics, Regulations & Licenses, Trade Data & Analysis, Trade Problems), Contact Us (1-800-USA Trade, Find a Local U.S. Office, Find an Overseas Office) + What's new in exporting ?, Spotlights, I want to (Learn about Export Basics, Find Country Information, Find Tariff Rates, Find Export Financing, Fill out NAFTA Certificate, File a Trade Complaint, Submit Website Feedback, Benefit from Free Trade Agreements).
  U.S. Government Export Portal (Irak) Etats-Unis Section "Irak" du portail export du gouvernement américain ( : Etats-Unis)
"U.S. Government Export" website ( : USA) : "portal to all export-related assistance and market information offered by the federal government" : "Iraq"
Editeur (Editor) : International Trade Administration (USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : home, Iraq home, Basic facts, Business Climate, Market Opportunities, Events, Useful Links, Iraq alert registration, About Us, Internship Opportunities, Rebuilding Afghanistan + What's new + Iraq Investment and Reconstruction Task Force (Commercial success in Iraq, Contracting regulations seminars, Iraq transitions to full sovereignty, Revised Business Guide for Iraq, Updated FAQs on traveling and doing business in Iraq + Keys docs.
  U.S. Secret Service Etats-Unis Site : site d'information de l'U.S. Secret Service
"" website (U.S. Secret Service : Washington, DC, USA)
Editeur (Editor) : United States Secret Service (Washington, DC 20223, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : About, Press room, Protection, Investigations, Employment, Partnerships + Community event..., Career fairs, Uniformed Division Police Officer Position + Features (Protection, Investigations, Safe school initiative, Most wanted, Opportunities, History).
  U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Etats-Unis Site : site de l'United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
"" website (United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence)
Editeur (Editor) : United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (211 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : Members, Legislation, Hearings, Publications, Laws / Executive orders, Press, Juridiction, Links + U.S. Senate Intelligence video, Recent action, Press releases.
  U.S. Small Business Administration Etats-Unis Site : site de l'United States Small Business Administration (SBA)
"" website (SBA : United States Small Business Administration)
Editeur (Editor) : U.S. Small Business Administration (Charlotte, North Carolina 28210, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : Starting & Managing, Loans & Grants, Contracting, Learning Center, Local Assistance, About SBA + Trending on SBA.Gov, Featured Blogs, SBA Videos, SBA Tools + Upcoming online events.
  UIT (Union Internationale des Télécommunications) : Global Cybersecurity Index 2017 Royaume UniSuisse
"Global Cybersecurity Index 2017" (GCI) du site de l'Union Internationale des Télécommunications (UIT)
"International Telecommunication Union" website (ITU) : "Global Cybersecurity Index 2017" (GCI)
"The Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) is a survey that measures the commitment of Member States to cybersecurity in order to raise awareness.
The GCI revolves around the ITU Global Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA) and its five pillars (legal, technical, organizational, capacity building and cooperation). For each of these pillars, questions were developed to assess commitment. Through consultation with a group of experts, these questions were weighted in order to arrive at an overall GCI score. The survey was administered through an online platform through which supporting evidence was also collected.
One-hundred and thirty-four Member States responded to the survey throughout 2016. Member States who did not respond were invited to validate responses determined from open-source research. As such, the GCI results reported herein cover all 193 ITU Member States."
Editeur (Editor) : International Telecommunication Union (CH-1211 Genève 20, Suisse)

Rubriques (Topics) : Publication "Global Cybersecurity Index 2017" (66 pages au format .pdf)

Sommaire :
Acknowledgments + Foreword + Executive Summary

1. Introduction
2. GCI Scope and Framework
3. Methodology
4. Key Findings
5. Global Outlook
6. Regional Outlook (Africa, Americas, Arab States, Asia and the Pacific, Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe)
7. Illustrative practices by pillar
8. Conclusion
+ Abbreviations, Annex 1 – ITU Member States Global Cybersecurity Commitment Score By Region, Annex 2 – GCI 2017 Score
  UltrasCan Advanced Global Investigations (Ultrascan AGI) Pays-BasRoyaume Uni Site AGI) : site de la société d'informatique hollandaise UltrasCan : informations, entre autres, sur la fraude aux avances de paiement connue sous le nom de "Fraude 419" ou "Scam 419" (N° de l'article du Code pénal nigérian qui sanctionne ce type de fraude)
"" website (Ultrascan Advanced Global Investigations : Ultrascan AGI) : "Ultrascan is specialized in Cross Border Crime Organizations, and tracks fraud across the globe"
"Ultrascan AGI is an association of 51 partners managing 3284 experts in 69 countries. Ultrascan has been established in 1996.
The scope of our work is Anti Money Laundering - Transnational Organized Crime (TOC) and the Nexus Terrorism - disrupting Transnational Criminal Networks. This scope generates HUMINT and access to primary sources in and outside the chain of command."
Editeur (Editor) : UltrasCan (8024 HB Zwolle, Netherlands)

Rubriques (Topics) : About, News & Events, Press room, Public research reports + Global investigations, PIN card fraud + 419 Advance Fee Fraud (Victims & losses, 419 AFF statistics, AFF in 69 nations, 419 additional loss, Additional estimates, Horror & politics, 419 Trends, 419 AFF Maps), General warning AFF, Law Enforcement (419 Justice in Court, Centralized report, Dutch 419 complaint, 419 E-mail, 419 Documents, Tracing transfers, Banks & 419, General 419 News, Scambaiting, 419 volunteers, 419 Media, Loss recovery, Meet a scammer, Tour scammers, How to become 419er, FAQ, Links) + Stock fraud (Stock and securities fraud) + News.
  UnderNews Site (UnderNews) : "Actualité sécurité informatique & cybercrime"
Editeur : Leitao Guillaume (95570 Bouffémont, France)

Rubriques : Exclusivités (Techniques de pirates), Réseau & Sécurité (Alertes, Firewall, Anonymat, Spam, Phishing, Sauvegardes, Authentification, Banque, Terrorisme, Téléphonie, Contrefaçon), Hacking, Culture Web (Développement, Emploi, Evènements, Interviews, Lois), Libertés, Malwares, Warez & P2, Forum + A la une, Plus de news + Pirate zone, Navigation (Sécurité informatique, Espace téléchargement, Comparatif VPN, Comparatif antivirus, Comparatif cartes bancaires prépayées, Comparatif meilleures banques en ligne, Apprendre à hacker, Nos Services, Proposer un article, Besoin de publicité ?, Calendriers malwares par Kaspersky, Contact).
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