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  U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Etats-Unis Site de l'U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA : U.S. Department of Commerce) : Bureau d'analyse économique aux Etats-Unis
"U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis" website (BEA : U.S. Department of Commerce)
Editeur (Editor) : U.S. Department of Commerce (Washington, DC 20230, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : National, International, Regional, Industry, Interactive Dat + News, Information for..., Publications, Resources, More, Tools (A-Z Index + Glossary) + U.S. Economic Accounts, Latest release, Real GDP, Personal income, Int'Trade in goods and services, U.S. Int' transactions + Video, BEA Blog + Contact us, FAQs, About BEA.
  U.S. Census Bureau (E-Stats Publications) Etats-Unis Section "E-Stats Publications" du site de l'U.S. Census Bureau (United States Department of Commerce : statistiques américaines) : statistiques officielles sur le commerce électronique aux Etats-Unis
"U.S. Census Bureau" website (E-Stats Publications) : "U.S. Census Bureau's new Internet site devoted exclusively to "Measuring the Electronic Economy"
Editeur (Editor) : U.S. Census Bureau (Washington DC 20233-0001, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : All, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 (+ from 2007 to 2012) + E-Stats 2014: Measuring the Electronic Economy ("Provides estimates of e-commerce activity in key sectors of the U.S. economy for 2014 and places these estimates in historical context.") + About us, Fond data, Business & Industry, People & Households, Special topics, Newsroom (News Releases, Release Schedule, Facts for features, Stats for stories, Blogs).
  U.S. Census Bureau (U.S. International Trade Statistics) Etats-Unis Section "U.S. International Trade Statistics" du site de l'U.S. Census Bureau (United States Department of Commerce) : statistiques américaines (U.S. Statistics)
"U.S. Census Bureau" website : "U.S. International Trade Statistics" (International Trade Data)
Editeur (Editor) : U.S. Census Bureau (Washington DC 20233, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : SITC by country (by Standard International Trade Classification : updated monthly).
  U.S. Chamber of Commerce Etats-Unis Site de l'U.S. Chamber of Commerce : une des organisations patronales nord-américaine (avec le "Business Roundtable")
"U.S. Chamber of Commerce" website (
Editeur (Editor) : Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America (Washington, DC 20062-6000, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : Issues, Events, Programs, International, Research, Members, About + Top issues (Infrastructure, NAFTA re-negotiations, Small business, Trade Works for America).
  U.S. Data and Statistics (USA) Etats-Unis Site (U.S. Data and Statistics) : statistiques + liens vers les sites Web des agences statistiques aux Etats-Unis
"U.S. Data and Statistics" website : "Data and Statistics about the United States : find data about the U.S., such as maps and population, demographic, and economic data."
Editeur (Editor) : (USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : U.S. Census Data and Statistics, Find Data and Statistics from the Government, Maps + Frequently Requested Statistics from the U.S. Census, Research U.S. Census Survey Results, Other Popular U.S. Census Information + Find Data and Statistics from the Government (Federal Government Data and Statistics, State/Local Government Data and Statistics), Maps + Do you need help ?.
  U.S. Department of Commerce Etats-Unis Site de l'U.S. Department of Commerce : Ministère du Commerce des Etats-Unis
"U.S. Department of Commerce" website (
Editeur (Editor) : US Department of Commerce (Washington, DC 20230, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : Economic news, Population, Today's weather, Official time in your area, Innovation (U.S. Patent and
Trademark Office, Technology, Telecommunications and Information) + Top story + Department of Commerce, Commerce Offices & Services near you, Economic growth, Free trade, Stewardship.
  U.S. Department of Justice (Antitrust Division) EspagneEtats-Unis Section "Antitrust Division" du site de l'U.S. Department of Justice (Washington, Etats-Unis).
"U.S. Department of Justice" website : "Antitrust Division"
Editeur (Editor) : United States Department of Justice (Washington, DC 20530-0001, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : What's new, Press room, About the division, Public documents, Events, Antitrust case filings, Employment, Antitrust FOIA, Contact information, Report violations + Meet the Assistant Attorney General, Antitrust Division news, Recent Antitrust case filings, Antitrust Guidance for Human Resource professionals + Action Center, Tweets, Featured resources (2017 Division update, Antitrust sites worldwide, Competition and Real Estate, Compliance assistance for business, Division manual, EAG papers, Economic recovery, Guidelines and Policy statements, Leniency program, Microsoft case filings, Victims’ rights).
  U.S. Department of Labor (BLS : Bureau of Labor Statistics) Etats-Unis Site de l'U.S. Department of Labor (BLS) : "the Bureau of Labor Statistics is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics"
Editeur (Editor) : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (Washington, DC 20212-0001, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : Subjects, Data Tools, Publications, Economics releases, Students + Geographic information, The economic daily, Career information, Topics (Demographics, Industries, Occupations, Geography, Business Costs), Resources for... (Student and Teacher, Consumer, Economist, Media, BLS Survey Respondent), BLS Videos, Latest numbers.
  U.S. Department of Labor (BLS : Economic News Releases) Etats-Unis Section "Economic News Releases" du site de l'U.S. Department of Labor (BLS) : indicateurs économiques (Etats-Unis)
"U.S. Department of Labor" website (BLS) : "Economic News Releases"
Editeur (Editor) : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (Washington, DC 20212-0001, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : Latest Releases, Major Economic Indicators (Consumer Price Index, Employment Cost Index, Employment Situation, Producer Price Index, Productivity and Costs, Real Earnings, U.S. Import and Export Price Indexes), Schedules for News Releases, Employment & Unemployment (Monthly, Quarterly, annual, and other), Inflation & Prices, Pay & Benefits & Workplace Injuries, Productivity & Technology, Employment Projections, International Program, Regional News Releases + Tools (Areas at a Glance, Industries at a Glance, Economic Releases, Databases & Tables, Maps), Calculators (Inflation, Location Quotient, Injury and Illness), Help (Help & Tutorials, FAQs, Glossary, About BLS, Contact us), Info, Resources (Inspector General : OIG, Budget and Performance, No Fear Act,,,
  U.S. Department of State Etats-Unis Site du Département d'Etat des Etats-Unis (U.S. Department of State)
"U.S. Department of State" website (
Editeur (Editor) : U.S. Department of State (Washington DC 20520, USA)

Rubriques (Topics) : About State, Policies issues, Countries & Régions, Economics, Energy and Environment, Arms control & International security, Civilian security & Democracy, Public doplomacy & Public affairs, Assistance & Development + In other news, Tweets + Secretary Kerry, Media Center, Blog, Travel, Careers, Business, Youth & Education.
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