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Welcome to The IAE de Paris Sorbonne, interactive community 
of 1 650 students and 27 000 alumni in the world !

>> About The IAE de Paris …

Set in the heart of the “Quartier Latin” in Paris (France), The IAE, (Institut d’Administration des Entreprises) is the Graduate Business School of the prestigious University of Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne.

Since its establishment, the IAE de Paris maintains a dual vocation :
- to provide a “savoir-faire” in Management to executives and students whose background does not include management
- to offer advanced management education to professionals are looking after executive responsibilities.

Faithful to its original dual-skills vocation of 1956, especially with the MBA, DESS CAAE, the IAE de Paris has however developed specialised Masters in the main fields of Management such as human resources, finance, management control, marketing, information systems and management of associations.
Its range of programmes has broadened and now executive education and apprenticeship also occupy an essential position within the institute.

In addition to a permanent team of research and lecturing professors, IAE de Paris employs over 500 practitioners serving as part time instructors.

The IAE de Paris occupies an original place in research for management, leads a policy of exchanges and of active research on an international level and remains a reference point regarding the continuous training of companies’ management or consultant staffs.

An international dimension is part of all IAE de Paris programmes. This involves : transfer of educational technologies, training of management, consulting and lecturing. IAE de Paris constantly welcomes foreign faculty and students.

The IAE de Paris educates each year more than 1,800 students and has produced, today, more than 24,500 executives of high potential, having jobs with responsibilities in all the fields of the economy in France and abroad.

The IAE de Paris has a central role for the network of 29 IAE in France.

As a special partner of the IAE de Paris, FNEGE (French Foundation for Management Education), federates and develops the network of Universities and Business Schools in France.


- PHD Program (Doctorat)

- Master’s Degrees

Masters in Research (DEA Organisation Appliquée)
Masters in Business Adiministration (DESS CAAE-MBA)
Masters in Management Control and Auditing (DESS Contrôle de gestion et Audit)
Masters in Finance (DESS Finance)
Masters in Engineering and Management of Associations (DESS Ingénierie et Management des Associations)
Masters in Advanced Management of Human Resources and Employment Relations (DESS Management avancé des Ressources Humaines et de la Relation d’Emploi)
Masters in Sales and Marketing (DESS Pratique commerciale et Marketing)
Masters in Information and Knowledge Systems (DESS Système d’Information et de Connaissance)
International Affairs – European Union (DESUP Affaires Internationales)

- Bachelor Degrees

Professional Bachelor degree in Information Systems Engineering (MIAGe)
Professional Bachelor degree in Sales and Retailling (Licence professionnelle Commerce et Distribution – DISTECH)

- Overseas Degrees

MBA in Beijing (China)
Masters in Management Control and Auditing in Cairo (Egypt)
MBA International Paris in Beirut (Libanon), Cairo (Egypt), Dakar (Senegal), Istanbul (Turkey) and in Casablanca (Morocco)
MBA International – Renault Foundation (in France with Japan)
International Affairs in Minsk (Belarus)
Global Partners MBA in Atlanta (USA) and Rio (Brazil)

Contact IAE de Paris
(Education, Degrees, Research, …)

IAE de Paris
Institut d’Administration des Entreprises
8 Bis rue de la Croix Jarry 75644 Paris cedex 13
Tel : + 33 1 44 08 11 60
e-mail :

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>> About The IAE de Paris Sorbonne Alumni Association …

The IAE de Paris Alumni Association, created in 1957, is governed by its voluntary active staff members who act in accordance with the following main targets:

- the development of friendship and solidarity networks between students and alumni
- the maintenance of IAE de Paris vocation as well as its development
- the improvement of the professional knowledge of the alumni during all their careers.

The IAE de Paris Alumni Association, in close cooperation with the IAE de Paris, achieves its goals by organizing many practical meetings, with the participation of outside or inside contributors, for alumni and students, thus helping them to progress in their careers.
The IAE de Paris Alumni Association remains attentive to the development of the school and its environment.

The IAE de Paris Alumni Association community includes :

- 1,800 students who are looking for a second competence in management:
Engineers (55%), holders of a scientific or literary master (35%) or lawyers (10%)

- 24,500 graduates of high potentials, with highly responsible jobs in all fields of the economy in France and abroad:
General manager, Chairman and managing Director (26%)
Organization and data processing (16%)
Finance, control and auditing, administration, law (13%)
Sales (12%)
Human resources (7%)
Studies and technical research (7%)
Production, purchases, logistics (7%)
Consultants, chartered accountants, lawyers, etc.(7%)
Public relations and marketing (5%).

The IAE de Paris Alumni Association recruit thousands of members every year. Its rise is due both to the dynamism of its members and to the quality of its demonstrations and its methods of communication. To be a member of the IAE de Paris Alumni Association it is more than a simple financial network ; it is about belong to a dynamic and effective network, always ready to welcome and to help the students and the graduates

Since its creation, the IAE de Paris Alumni Association proposes a growing number of services to its members.
The students and the graduates can meet together within professional or leisure clubs in which they have the advantages of an effective careers service. They can inform themselves through the intermediary of the various publications and Website, improve their knowledge thanks to many of the meetings organized with outside or inside contributors and also have the support of 2 companies : INITIATIVE (Seniors Company) and ICARE (joint stock company risks).

The active members of the IAE de Paris Alumni Association listen and analyse the environment of the school constantly. This enables them to answer quickly the needs of the students and alumni by proposing adequate activities and services.

The IAE de Paris Alumni Association is an active partner of the APEC (Association for the Use of the Executives) and other alumni, members of G16+ CARRIERES GRANDES ECOLES (Careers Club of 23 Business Schools in France : INSEAD, HEC …).
The IAE de Paris Alumni Association works very closed with companies with which it regularly operates partnerships.

Contact IAE de Paris Alumni Association

(Community of students and graduates, Careers, professional Clubs, …)

AAE IAE de Paris
Office A10
8 Bis rue de la Croix Jarry
Tel : + 33 1 44 08 73 72
e-mail :

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